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WhatsApp Groups are Calling on Jewish Youth for Violence Against Arabs in Israel

In Israeli areas, far-right Jewish youth have set up WhatsApp groups to perpetrate organized violence against Arabs. This is evident from an investigation by FakeReporter, an Israeli organization that fights against fake news on social media.


Majd Khalifeh follows the Israeli-Palestinian conflict closely and, based on his expertise in social media, explains more in the “Late news”.

The violence between Israel and Palestine is going from bad to worse. Rockets have been flying to and from Gaza for a week and a half, but it doesn’t stop there. Jews and Arabs are now also taking to the streets in Israel to fight against each other, resulting in horrific violence. Until recently, Jews and Arabs in Israel mostly lived peacefully side by side, but very little of that remains.

FakeReporter, an Israeli organization based in Tel Aviv, is fighting against fake news. Their investigation found that thousands of Jewish youths organize themselves through WhatsApp and Telegram groups to commit violence against Arabs in the streets of Israel.

According to VRT NWS journalist Majd Khalifeh, who was able to speak to researchers from FakeReporter, it is not about a gang of friends. On a large-scale basis, in dozens of chat groups and at least 20,000 members, they send each other photos of weapons and meet at specific times and locations to carry out attacks against Arabs.

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