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UN Names Companies That Do Business in Israel-Occupied Territory

Following its investigation, the United Nations has published a list of companies that have business links in places established by Jewish settlers in occupied Palestinian territory.


The colonisation of occupied territory is contrary to international law.

The list of 112 companies includes BV (internet travel service), and Tahal Group International BV (a subsidiary of Kardan NV for development projects and infrastructure).

According to the report of the UN Human Rights Office, it concerns 94 companies in Israel and 18 companies in six other countries.

Among the six US companies on the list are, the Expedia Group Inc. and TripAdvisor Inc. There are also three British and three French companies and one from Luxembourg and one from Thailand.

The Palestinian authorities have praised the report on the companies as “a victory for international law”. Israeli Foreign Minister Katz calls the publication of the list a “shameful capitulation for pressure from countries and organisations that want to harm Israel.”

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