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More Than 5,000 New Cases of Coronavirus in China

There are now officially 1,380 deaths and 63,854 infections with the new coronavirus in China. A total of 1,700 doctors and nurses could no longer work due to the Covid-19 disease.


The increase is mainly in the closed province of Hubei. For the first time, there is also a dead person in Japan. In recent days there has been a lack of clarity about the official figures in China.

The number of deaths and infections with the coronavirus continues to rise. According to the Chinese government, there are now 63,854 people infected with the virus.

That is just over 5,000 more than a day ago. It is striking that 4,800 of them were affected in the quarantined province of Hubei where the virus first broke out.

The number of deaths in one day also increased by 121 to 1,380. Here too, the most significant increase occurred in Hubei, with 116 deaths.

The additional problem is that now at least 1,700 doctors and nurses – also mostly in Hubei – are infected and cannot work or are placed in quarantine. Many of these care providers are too tired after working in crises for weeks.

The World Health Organization, however, sees improvement: the number of infections of medical personnel would have peaked in the second half of January but would have fallen afterwards due to better protection.

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