Wednesday, May 29

UN Boss: Human Rights are at Risk From Corona Pandemic

Countries use corona measures as a pretext to limit human rights. Dissenters and independent media are being silenced, warns United Nations boss António Guterres.


Under the guise of combating corona, fundamental freedoms are being abolished, the secretary-general said in a video message as an opening speech for a UN Human Rights Council meeting.

Guterres does not mention names. But according to the UN leader, strict security and emergency measures are being enacted in certain countries to combat the corona crisis supposedly.

In fact, those in power are abusing the corona pandemic so that the “most fundamental freedoms” of citizens disappear. He talks about a vicious circle of violations.

Guterres points to the erosion of elections and the suppression of the opposition’s vote. Human rights activists, journalists, lawyers and even health workers are being arrested, prosecuted, intimidated, or monitored for criticizing corona restrictions or denouncing the lack of action.

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