Sunday, May 26

Ukrainian Prosecutor Demands Life Against Russian Soldier

The Ukrainian prosecutor is demanding a life sentence for the Russian soldier who shot and killed a 62-year-old Ukrainian. Vadim Shishimarin is the first Russian to stand trial in Ukraine for war crimes since the Russian invasion.


The 21-year-old soldier has pleaded guilty to the man’s death. Another soldier ordered him to shoot the man so he wouldn’t betray their presence. Because the other soldier was not higher in rank, according to the prosecutor, Shishimarin did not have to follow the order. Because Ukraine has no death penalty, life is the maximum sentence that the prosecutor could demand.

Earlier in the trial, Shishimarin asked forgiveness from the widow of the slain man. She already indicated that she felt sorry for the soldier, but that she could not forgive him for this crime. She testified in court about her husband’s death.

Ukraine’s chief prosecutor Irina Venediktova said he was investigating more than 12,000 crimes committed by the Russian military and that 623 suspects are in the picture.

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