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Ukrainian President Begs NATO for More Weapons

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky has urgently appealed to NATO leaders to supply Ukraine with more weapons.


To fight off Russia, Ukraine needs warplanes, tanks and better anti-aircraft guns, Zelensky told government leaders, and heads of state gathered in Brussels.

Russia’s war against Ukraine is turning into a war of attrition after a month. NATO countries supply Ukraine with weapons, but the Western military alliance is careful not to be drawn directly into the conflict with nuclear power Russia.

Ukraine is happy with the anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank weapons it has received, but “NATO has yet to show what it can do to save people,” Zelensky said via video link from Kyiv. “You have more than 20,000 tanks. Ukraine has asked you for 1 percent of them.”

Zelensky once again underlined that Ukraine is stepping into the arena for Western values. And that Russia would not want to settle for Ukraine. “It wants to go further. Against eastern member states of NATO. The Baltic countries. Poland for sure.”

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