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Twitter No Longer Counts ‘Closed’ Accounts For The Number Of Followers

Twitter no Longer counts ‘Closed’ Accounts for the Number of Followers. Twitter no longer counts ‘closed’ accounts in the number of followers of a profile.


With this, the figure that shows the number of followers has to become more precise, the head of Twitters policy and trust team Vijaya Gadde declares Wednesday.

A closed account differs from a deleted account. It usually concerns reports of real people, of which Twitter is no longer sure whether they still have access to the profile.

Twitter closes accounts typically if the company suddenly perceives different behaviour.

As a result of the measure, most users will lose four or fewer followers, writes Twitter.

Users with many followers may notice a significant decrease.

Twitter will make the closed accounts invisible over the next few days in the follower number.

According to The Washington Post, Twitter has already removed the closed accounts from some profiles.

For example, the account of US President Donald Trump lost 100,000 of his 53.4 million followers on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday (0.2 percent).

His predecessor Barack Obama lost 400,000 of his 104 million followers (0.4 percent).

Adapting the policy does not affect the number of monthly active Twitter users, a figure that the listed company issues every quarter.

The social medium has 336 million active users.

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