Saturday, June 15

Trump Defenders: Storm Already Planned for President’s Speech

Former US President Trump has nothing to do with the storming of the US parliament in Washington.


The FBI National Investigation Service confirms that the Capitol’s January 6 attack was planned several days earlier, the lawyers of the former president said.

According to them, there is no connection between the riots and the speech that Trump gave just before the stampede at the parliament building.

The lawyers say this on the eve of a trial against Trump due to begin in the Senate on Tuesday. He considers whether the former president was guilty of instigating an uprising.

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on their own initiative to prevent ratification of President Biden’s victory, the lawyers said. Trump’s speech in the hours before the riot “was not an act encouraging an organized movement to overthrow the United States government.”

Republican Trump’s defence team accuses President Biden’s rival Democrats of political theatre. There is no question of “fair justice”, and therefore the trial should be called off, the lawyers said.

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