Sunday, May 26

US President Joe Biden: America is Back

US President Joe Biden presented his planned course for Germany and Europe in his speech at the State Department.


Meanwhile, controversial Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has lost her committee post.

With his speech at the State Department, the new US President Joe Biden clarifies that he wants to revive the old alliances – including that with Germany. On one point, however, he does not appear to be breaking with the policies of his predecessor Donald Trump.

The United States is ceasing to support the Saudis in the war in Yemen with immediate effect. And the United States is ending the withdrawal of troops from Germany initiated by Joe Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump.

That is, reduced to its essence, the newsworthiness of the short speech Biden gave on the afternoon of February 4th during his visit to the State Department. But it’s not what this speech was really about. The actual content was: “America is back, diplomacy is back.”

Long-serving employees, especially those who knew their way around Russia, were released into retirement without a fuss.

Many ambassadorial posts around the world remained vacant – or the posts were given to loyal followers of the 45th President who had little expertise in their job. Much institutional memory was lost.

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