Wednesday, May 29

Time is Running Out for Thai Football Players in Flooded Cave

The time is beginning to penetrate for twelve Thai football players. The youth team from Tham Luang Nang Non has been stuck in a kilometre-long cave complex since Saturday. Heavy rainfall and rescue workers have flooded the caves are doing everything they can to save the teenagers and their coach, says MAG Mania.


Concerned parents and family members have been camping in the park for days and pray for the safe return of the football players. , I’m sure they will be rescued today, with the help of all teams, ” said Pean Kamlue, the mother of a 16-year-old boy who is in the cave against The Bangkok Post.

The Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said at the beginning of a parliamentary meeting that all possible means were used to free the boys from their plight. In recent days, divers and rescue workers have tried to reach the twelve boys, but that operation remained unsuccessful.

Due to the ongoing rain, more and more underground chambers are filled with water, causing the assistance teams to be driven to higher parts. It is not possible to control the water from the outside, and all hope now seems to be focused on draining the caves.

Thai marines have installed five high-pressure pumps at the entrance to the caves in the nature park in the northern region of Mae Sai. They have to work hard, because even today, flooding is expected.

The level in the caves rises by 15 centimetres per hour, reports the news site. Rescue workers from the Thai border guard carry snakes for the water pumps via the stream leading to the entrance.

Meanwhile, soldiers in the area are looking for other entrances to the cave complex, to reach the further rooms. The soldiers have discovered four shafts, but mud hid two of them with rain.

Major Gen Bancha hopes that his men can enter the caves via the other two shafts on ropes. The army command suspects that the boys and their 25-year-old coach, who regularly visited the caves, are still alive.

The team, called the Wild Boar, did not return from a visit to the park on Saturday night. After a worried mother made an alarm, the park managers found the bikes and sports equipment of the boys at the entrance of the caves in the evenings.

It is suspected that the team was surprised by the heavy rainfall and wanted to shelter in the caves. Although visitors at the entrance are advised not to enter the complex during the rainy season, rescue workers found slippers and hand and footprints in one of the cave rooms on Monday.

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