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Star Signs that are not Made for Marrying

Marrying – which is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream for some, instead causes panic in others. Last but not least, that could be because the typical personality traits of her star sign of a wedding stand in the way. But which star sign bearers are the chances are rather bad that they give you the yes-word?

No question: for the ability to enter into a relationship, you need certain traits. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get along with a person permanently.


There are a few star signs that are at odds with love because of their personality traits.


1. Aries
If you are of the zodiac ram, love could often cause you problems. Because to make your point clear, you do not necessarily use peace and objectivity, but quickly become hot-headed and personal. Maybe childish behaviour is not alien to you with explosive outbursts of rage if something does not go your way …?

For a partner, this behaviour is somewhat tricky in the long term. Because patience is not one of your strengths. And now the good news: Aries are very loyal friends.


2. Gemini
If you kick a twin too close, he can promptly get out of his skin and show his second face. This quickly leads one to keep away from this zodiac sign, which in turn is poison for long-term love.

Besides, twins tend to egocentrism and pessimism – according to the motto: The marriage happiness ends anyway in the divorce drama. The plus with the twin: Since this zodiac sign is quite happy to communicate, it is a fabulous conversation partner.


3. Leo
People with star Leo hate it when they contradict them. This is always unfavourable for love, in which there are still at least two positions.

Besides, they can not stand not being the centre of the action. They are also considered very vain. The advantage: Lions are charismatic, passionate and sociable.


4. Sagittarius
If Sagittarius is your zodiac sign, then it has a relationship sometimes hard for the following reason: You probably do not like to lose. Instead, the feeling of competing with each other quickly arises in the partnership. These are not exactly the best conditions for a working marriage.

Also: the genuine desire for freedom of the shooter. For that very reason, he sees marriage as more of deprivation of liberty. After all, as a travel partner, the killer is perfect, because he is considered very adventurous.


5. Aquarius
Like Sagittarius, Aquarius loves independence. He also has a rebellious, changeable nature, which sometimes causes a relationship with him a challenge.

Marriage is not necessarily the life goals of this zodiac sign. But of course, the Aquarius has merits: He likes to stand up for the poor, is spiritually inclined and creative.

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