Thursday, May 23

Tiger King Joe Exotic is Going to Ask Trump for A Pardon

The Netflix star “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic has spent 22 years behind bars, after being found guilty of planning to murder his rival Carole Baskin and killing several lion cubs, according to a judge.


However, his legal team is trying to get Joe released and is turning to US President Donald Trump. TMZ reports this.

According to sources, Joe’s team is preparing a document to be sent to Trump to convince him that their client is innocent.

To back up this statement, a bus was stickered by “Team Tiger,” saying the cry for help, “President Trump, give Joe Exotic a presidential pardon!”.

At one of Trump’s press conferences in recent weeks, a journalist raised the issue of Joe Exotic, following a tweet from Don Trump Jr., the President’s eldest son, who openly wondered if 22 years in jail shouldn’t be a bit was too long for such an offence.

The president reacted jokingly that he had not yet seen the show himself, but “that he would still dive into the case”.

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