Saturday, June 15

The Number of Corona Infections Diagnosed Every 24 Hours in France is Rising

The number of corona infections diagnosed every 24 hours in France is rising “exponentially,” warn the country’s health authorities.


More than 7,000 new infection cases were reported on Friday.

On Thursday, the number of infections detected in the last 24 hours was above 6,000 and on Wednesday above 5,000. The number reported on Friday almost equals the record of 7,578 infections during the lockdown at the end of March.

In the risk areas, the numbers of patients in hospitals and intensive care units are increasing. The government has designated 21 departments in the country as risk areas.

In France, the corona pandemic has so far claimed more than 30,500 lives. In many cities, including Paris, there is a duty to mask in the open air.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on Friday that the travel advice for fourteen departments would be adjusted from yellow to orange. This means that the ministry recommends that you only make strictly necessary trips to those areas.

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