Saturday, June 15

The Iraqi Parliament Agrees to New Electoral Law

The Iraqi parliament approved a new electoral law on Tuesday, an important demand from demonstrators to make elections fairer. But the political impasse still prevents the choice of an interim prime minister.


Mass protests have been taking hold of Iraq since 1 October, and the mostly young demonstrators are demanding a revision of the political system.

They regard that as very corrupt and, according to them, keep most Iraqis in poverty. More than 450 people have since been killed in the protests.

Thanks to the new electoral law, voters can vote for individual candidates instead of party lists. Each member of parliament now represents a specific constituency instead of groups of candidates representing entire provinces.

Protesters have demanded not only a new electoral law but also the removal of the entire political class and an independent prime minister without a party relationship.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi resigned last month under pressure from the street demonstrations but will remain in office until an auxiliary is appointed.

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