Thursday, May 23

The Czech Republic Warns Against Russian Intervention in Belarus

Czech Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek warns against Russian military intervention in Belarus, where sole ruler Aleksandr Lukaysenko has been under attack from the democratic opposition since the elections on 9 August.


Petricek calls the fear of Russian intervention “appropriate”.

Petricek made the statement in a television interview. He believes that the European Union should send a clear signal to Moscow that military intervention in the former Soviet Republic is unacceptable.

“We reject a repetition of the Ukrainian scenario and the annexation of Crimea,” said the minister.

He was referring to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in 2014 after protests in Ukraine brought an end to the authoritarian Yanukovych regime, which was backed by Russia.

The images of the protests in Minsk reminded 38-year-old Petricek of the Velvet Revolution that ended communism in what was then Czechoslovakia in 1989.

Czechs and Slovaks then demonstrated for reform, a better life, prosperity, freedom and democracy. “I believe that the Belarusians are also entitled to this,” said the minister.

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