Thursday, May 23

Google is Asking Permission to Test New Wireless Technology

In an application to the American telecom regulator FCC, Google requests permission to use spectrum for possible new mobile broadband services.


The document was available for inspection by Business Insider and stated that Google wants to conduct wireless broadband tests in the 6GHz spectrum.

It is requesting permission to test this in 17 states of the US.

These are experiments, although technical details are not available because the document has been edited for commercial and competitive reasons.

But it is generally expected to be technology to enable wireless internet. Google does promise not to cause harmful interference to other users.

The FCC recently released spectrum in the US in the 6GHz spectrum that can be used for 5G, inter-vehicle connections or IoT.

In itself, 6GHz is not immediately suitable for carrying the internet over long distances, but it can handle higher speeds.

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