Wednesday, May 29

Spotify Tests Its Instagram-Like Stories Function

Spotify Tests its Instagram-like Stories Function. Spotify is currently testing its version on Snapchat and Instagram Stories, called Storyline, according to the reports.


Storylines add Instagram-like images with text to various songs, for example with an explanation of what the music is about.

It concerns personal comments from the artist.

The images appear under the ‘Now Playing’ screen.

At the image, you can see how many parts you can still view.

As far as is known, it is not possible for artists to add Storylines manually, but this is done via Spotify itself.

So far, only a few songs have been found where Storylines is active, including by Billie Eilish, and the feature seems to work only on a mobile.

Spotify has had a ‘Behind the Lyrics’ function for some time that automatically shows facts about a song.

It is not yet apparent how this relates to Storylines.

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