Wednesday, May 29

Severe Weather in India Kills Dozens of People

Severe storms in the western Indian state of Maharashtra have killed at least 72 people. In recent days, a record amount of rain has fallen during the monsoon, the annual rainy season.


Landslides in the Raigad region have killed at least 47 people. Due to a large amount of rain, the ground has turned into mud in many places and is starting to shift.

Hundreds of people have been rescued by the air force and navy in recent days. However, much infrastructure has been destroyed by the storm. Roads, bridges and buildings have disappeared. At least four people have died in Mumbai after a building collapsed. At least fifty people are still detained in that region, and the death toll could rise considerably.

Regional media reported that this was the heaviest rainfall in Maharashtra in the past forty years. “It is raining more than the known limits,” said the state’s highest minister. “This is an unprecedented crisis.”

According to the weather forecast, it will continue to rain heavily in the area in the coming days.

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