Wednesday, May 29

Russia Confirms Successful Test With Anti-Satellite Weapon

Russia has confirmed that it has successfully tested an anti-satellite weapon, Russia’s RIA news agency reported. The United States previously claimed that the Russians had blown up one of their own satellites on Monday.


Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed his dismay at a US statement condemning the incident at a press conference. “To say that Russia creates risks to the peaceful use of space is hypocritical, to say the least.” According to Lavrov, the Americans would test new weapons in space themselves.

The US described Russia’s action as “dangerous and irresponsible” as the crew of the International Space Station had to take measures to avoid the debris. According to Russia, there was little going on. The debris would pose no threat to space stations and satellites.

The American space agency NASA will discuss the anti-satellite weapon on Wednesday during a visit to Moscow. The head of the organization has informed the RIA news agency.

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