Wednesday, May 29

Relieved Messi Thinks that World Cup Only Starts for Argentina

Relieved Messi Thinks that World Cup Only Starts for Argentina. Lionel Messi was thrilled on Tuesday after the victory of Argentina in Nigeria (2-1). The vice world champion escaped from a late Marcos Rojo goal of eliminating the World Championship in Russia.


“We were positive that we would win this game, although we did not expect it to be that difficult,” Messi said immediately after the match in St. Petersburg against Argentine TyC Sports. “This is a great way to qualify for the next round.”

Messi was mostly invisible in the first two group matches against Iceland (1-1) and Croatia (0-3-defeat), which caused him a lot of criticism in his own country. The 31-year-old striker reached his gram on Tuesday by opening the score in the fourteenth minute, posted by Right News.

Just after half-time, Nigeria reached an equal footing with a rake penalty from Victor Moses, meaning Argentina was virtually eliminated. Rojo caused a great relief in the 86th minute at the South Americans’ camp, which will meet France in the eighth-finals.

“I knew that God was on our team and would not abandon us,” Messi exulted. “I thank all the people who were here for their sacrifices, and I thank the people in Argentina who have always supported us, they have not let themselves be distracted by all the nonsense that has been distributed, and it has been demonstrated once again that nothing is more important than the shirt. from the Argentine team. “

“Our World Cup starts today, we had to win in any way, and after today a new World Championship has to start for us.”

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