Sunday, May 26

Mabelle Prior the Award winning Switzerland-Ghanaian broadcast Journalist says Success stories are so Disney like

Mabelle Prior says ‘All these “perspire to inspire” “hard work pays” folks are not adding the person that helped make their hustle pay at the end of the day.

No one is telling you about the bulk funds someone injected into their 10000 business that turned it into 10,000,000.

No one is telling you how their husband or wife gave them huge loans/cash gifts and how many times they’ve run different businesses to the ground before they got to where they are.

They’d rather make you feel inadequate for failing without help than open up about their many failures.

Most people won’t mention how their well-paid job have them a great start in business, they’d rather focus on how they suffered and everybody told them they couldn’t make it.



No one is telling you how their connections and networks gave them unprecedented opportunities/ advantages over others. They are only telling you how they dropped out of school and became multi-millionaires.

Nobody will mention their “big God” that is doing magic tricks behind the scenes, or the “attraction powder” that is giving them favour with men.

Nobody will mention the yahoo they did -or are doing that they used to start that lucrative business or the drugs they pushed to help get started in life.

No, they won’t name the politician that helped them get that job/ contract that completely transformed their lives.

You are there killing yourself and asking God unnecessary questions that will do nothing for you.

Are there people who are downright legit? Of course. Besides having help is also legit, it is valid. And necessary.

But in this world, everybody must start with a poverty story including those who have never known lack in their lives.

No one wants to tell a story unless it’s a superstar story.

So please follow only those whose ladder you can see. Not those who have an exciting story to tell. They will “ginger” you and leave you gasping for air.

Even those born into wealth, and those with oil wells springing in their backyards, also have a time when they were trekking from Villages to Cities because they did not have transport fare.

Poverty is our porn.’

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