Wednesday, May 29

Law Firm Withdraws From Trump Election Case

The law firm that so far represented US President Donald Trump’s campaign in the trial against the election results in the state of Pennsylvania is withdrawing.


The Porter Wright Morris & Arthur firm has said in court documents that the Trump campaign “will be best served if Porter Wright withdraws.”

According to the law firm, the Trump campaign is looking for a new law firm.

The lawsuit in question, which was filed Sunday in a federal court in Pennsylvania, revolves around the fact that, according to Trump, the postal voting system in that state “lacks all the guarantees of transparency and accountability that there are for voters who go to the polling station.”

The law firm does not give a reason for the withdrawal from the election case.

That, and other cases brought by the Trump campaign, are seen as contentious because Trump has not yet provided any evidence for his claims that his Democratic challenger Joe Biden won the election using fraud.

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