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Kremlin Rejects Disturbing Western Information About Putin

The Kremlin has rejected reports from Western intelligence agencies that top Russian advisers are lying to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the misadventures of the Russian military in Ukraine.


According to the Moscow regime, Western services do not understand what is happening in the Kremlin. The Russians would be worried about that. They fear serious consequences.

The US Departments of State and Defense have no idea what is going on in the Kremlin, a Kremlin spokesperson said. “They don’t understand what’s happening in the Kremlin. They don’t understand President Putin. They don’t understand the mechanism of our decisions. They don’t understand our way of working.”

The spokesman did not just call this a shame: “It is a source of concern for us. Such total misunderstanding only leads to bad decisions, to careless decisions that can have terrible consequences.”

US and British intelligence had reported that Putin is receiving misinformation about the course of the war in Ukraine and the consequences of Western sanctions. Putin’s advisers would mislead him because they are afraid. The US Department of Defense called it worrying if Putin was poorly informed or not informed.

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