Sunday, May 26

British Prince Andrew Involved in Fraud Case

Prince Andrew is embroiled in a fraud case currently before the courts, according to documents released by the press on Friday. The prince has received large amounts of money from a Turkish business person.


The Duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson are discredited in a dispute between Nebahat Isbilen, a Turkish woman in her 70s, and Selman Turk, a Turkish businessman based in London. The woman allegedly asked the businessman to remove her assets from Turkey, where her husband was imprisoned. The dispute is being heard before the High Court in London.

According to documents from the trial to which the British press refers, the prince and his ex-wife received “significant sums” from the former banker accused of embezzling some 40 million pounds from Isbilen. “The money was used for purposes outside of Ms Isbilen, for example, for important sums paid to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson,” the defence of the Turkish woman argues.

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, the prince received more than a million pounds. Prince Andrew later refunded the money but declined to answer questions from Isbilen’s lawyer, The Telegraph writes.

According to the accuser, the payment of the money happened in November 2019, a few days after the businessman won a prize in a competition for entrepreneurs organized by the prince.

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