Thursday, May 23

Israeli Websites Hit by Major Cyber Attack

Many Israeli websites are today affected by a major cyber attack. The authorities announced this. Many sites featured images of the city of Tel Aviv on fire.


It is unclear how many sites have been hacked, but several Israeli media speak about a thousand.

The affected pages also included the phrase “The countdown to the destruction of Israel began long ago.”

Particularly private companies that use a particular operating system have fallen victim. The eventual damage was found to be “superficial,” authorities said.

The cyberattack has been claimed by a group calling themselves Hackers of Savior (Hackers of the Savior).

Details have not been disclosed. The sites were hit a day before Jerusalem Day, a national holiday in Israel. Then it is celebrated that East Jerusalem fell into Israeli hands in 1967.

Whether the cyberattack has to do with that holiday is still unclear.

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