Thursday, May 23

Iran Enriches Ten Times As Much Uranium As Allowed

Iran has recently enriched ten times as much uranium as allowed in the 2015 agreement with Western powers.


According to the international nuclear agency IAEA, this involved more than 2,100 kilos, while the agreement set a maximum of 202.8 kilos of uranium.

Iran feels no longer bound by the agreements in the agreement since the US stepped down in 2018. The contract was concluded with great difficulty at the time.

IAEA inspectors, on the other hand, were allowed to visit a site in Iran where past nuclear activities are suspected.

The IAEA had been trying for a year to get permission to inspect a total of two sites. These are places near Tehran and Isfahan.

They took samples from one of the places that will be analyzed later. The other spot will be reviewed later this month.

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