Thursday, May 23

Investors are Looking to Tech Companies Apple and Facebook

iPhone maker Apple and social media company Facebook will update their performance in the past period on Wednesday.


After a record quarter, Apple expects significantly lower sales and profits in what has traditionally been the company’s weakest quarter of the year. With Facebook, investors mainly look at the number of users and whether the online advertising market has continued its recovery.

Apple had its highest-ever sales in the holiday quarter of 2020. Every year the turnover falls in the months after that period. In addition, the company has not launched any new products on the market in recent months. That only happened last week.

Then Apple also announced that an update for its mobile operating system, iOS, will be available. Apps that collect information from users must explicitly request permission for this, and Facebook, among others, warned earlier that this could cost sales.

The social media company relies on advertising for most of its revenue and can allow advertisers to target exact audiences if it knows more about users. The advertising market has recently recovered well after a dip early in the corona crisis.

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