Sunday, May 26

“Investigation Into Apple Sales By Amazon”

“Investigation into Apple Sales by Amazon”. The American regulator FTC is going to delve into an Apple deal with webshop giant Amazon.


According to the reports. The collaboration may have put hundreds of smaller sellers of Apple products offside.

Since last fall, Apple products are for sale for the first time directly through Amazon.

Before that, they could already be ordered via the Amazon site,

 but they were other companies that offered their stuff through Amazon.

The new collaboration passed them.

Indeed, one of those smaller sellers was approached by the FTC with questions about the impact of the deal on his business.

Major tech companies under the microscope

It could be a new FTC working group that deals with competition issues through large tech platforms.

Earlier this week, it was also declared that the FTC would investigate the takeovers of Instagram and WhatsApp by Facebook.

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