Wednesday, May 29

Intelligence Chief: Biden Mails No Russian Disinformation

The emails about a meeting between Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and a Ukrainian company are not Russian disinformation, according to US intelligence chief John Ratcliffe.


He says this in response to the investigation by the federal police department FBI into the involvement of foreign intelligence services in the emails of Biden’s son Hunter.

The right-wing tabloid The New York Post previously published about the mails that would show that Biden used his political power to help his son get a top position. Still, they were then labelled as possible disinformation.

The emails were found on a laptop in a repair shop in Biden’s home state of Delaware. The FBI confiscated the computer to investigate.

Intelligence chief Ratcliffe told Fox News on Monday that foreign intelligence agencies are not responsible for the reports: “Don’t drag the intelligence agencies into this story. Hunter Biden’s laptop isn’t part of some Russian disinformation campaign. That’s not true.”

The Republican Ratcliffe said this in response to statements by Intelligence Commission (HPSCI) Chairman Adam Schiff who previously claimed the opposite. The HPSCI supervises the FBI, among other things. Ratcliffe accuses Democrat Schiff of trying to “portray anything against his favourite political candidate as untrue”.

The intelligence chief said he did not want to go into the content of the investigation, which he says does not focus on Russian disinformation.

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