Sunday, May 26

HBO Loses Subscribers Due to End of Amazon Agreement

Video streaming service HBO Max and pay channel HBO to have nearly two million fewer subscribers in the United States than three months ago.


That’s because a distribution agreement with Amazon has ended. HBO was also previously available on Amazon Prime. Nevertheless, the number of subscribers to HBO MAX and HBO grew worldwide.

HBO has 69.4 million subscribers worldwide, of which over 45 million are in the United States. This puts the company well behind competitor Netflix, which has 214 million worldwide.

Separate figures for the number of subscribers of streaming service HBO Max were never given parent company AT&T, making the figures difficult to compare.

But many consumers are more inclined to subscribe to a streaming service than a pay channel. That is why HBO Max is seen as important for the future of the telecom and entertainment group. HBO is known for series such as Game of Thrones, Succession and Mare of Easttown.

AT&T was able to attract 1.2 million more mobile customers in the third quarter, thanks in part to competitive offers with free phones. That was a lot more than what analysts had expected.

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