Thursday, July 25

Germany Will Make A Final Decision on May 6 on Resuming of Certain Sports

Germany will make a final decision on May 6 on the possible resumption of certain sports competitions. Chancellor Angela Merkel does this in consultation with the prime ministers of the federal states.


“Then we will see if, and if so, under what conditions competitions can be resumed,” Merkel said.

A possible most-anticipated reboot of the Bundesliga would then be possible on May 16 or 23. Most federal states had already expressed their views on this.

Merkel now needs to consider whether the protocols that the professional football clubs have developed meet all the conditions, Merkel continued.

Meanwhile, the 36 clubs from the two highest classes have started testing the players for the coronavirus. They are all back in training, albeit under strict conditions.

Merkel said that at least until August 31, it would be impossible for games to be played with the public. “That is not possible for a long time.”

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