Saturday, June 15

Germany Lashes Out At Moscow Over Navalny Poisoning

Germany has lashed out at Moscow because the Russians are not doing anything to clear up the case surrounding the poisoned Russian opposition leader Navalny.


Russia had plenty of options, but nothing happened, notes the German Foreign Minister Maas.

The minister expressed severe doubts about whether the regime in Moscow is willing to help with the investigation into the poisoning at the end of August.

According to the research collective Bellingcat, the Russian intelligence and security service FSB is behind the assassination attempt, but the Russian rulers dismiss it.

Russian President Putin calls the reports an attack on Russia. According to him, the opposition leader has not really been poisoned. Navalny is not important enough to be a target, Putin said. “But if someone wanted to poison him, they would have finished the job.”

Navalny survived the attack with a nerve poison. He then recovered in a hospital in Berlin.

The outspoken Putin critic himself said on Twitter on Thursday that he had been questioned all day by the German justice at the request of the Russian authorities.

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