Thursday, July 25

Gareth Southgate: England does not Shy from Anyone at World Cup

The English national coach Gareth Southgate has emphasised that his team does not want anyone to get out of the way at the World Cup. The current state of affairs in the groups is for discussion for lovers of conspiracy theories, says Vital News.


It now seems that it is better in the group from England to finish in second place, because the route to the final looks a bit easier.”We can not think like that, we want to win every game,” says Southgate. “We are not going to go down on slippery ice and want to play and perform as best as possible.”

On Thursday, England and Belgium will play in their mutual duel who will be the first and who will finish second in the group. With six points, both countries are already sure of a spot in the eighth-finals. The target figures are the same at the moment (8-2).

England takes the lead in the group because it got one yellow card less than Belgium (2-3). For the team that finishes first in group G, there is now a duel with Brazil or Germany in the quarterfinals. The number two has a slightly less bulky route on paper.

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