Wednesday, May 29

French President Emmanuel Macron Has Become Angry With Paris Mayor

French President Emmanuel Macron has become angry with Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo for failing to turn on the Eiffel Tower lights on Sunday evening as Macron delivered his re-election victory speech in front of the monument.


City services are said to have informed Macron’s team at 6.30 pm on Sunday that they would not turn on the lighting of the Eiffel Tower at 9.30 pm as planned, but only at 10 pm.

Officially, because Marine Le Pen’s election results seemed to turn out better than expected at the time, so Macron’s victory was not yet certain.

In circles around Macron, it is more likely that Mayor Hidalgo, who was also a presidential candidate but received only a few percent of the vote in the first round of elections, thus took revenge on her rival.

“This is called 1.75% nuisance power”, it would have sounded incensed, referring to Hidalgo’s score. Macron would have erupted in colère and still got his way.

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