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Fewer Waiting Oil Tankers at Turkish Strait Bosphorus

The congestion of waiting for oil tankers at the important Turkish strait Bosphorus is easing. Due to stricter requirements from Turkey for ships carrying oil from the Black Sea through its waters, many tankers were previously blocked at the Bosphorus.

According to the Turkish shipping agency Tribeca, thirteen tankers are now waiting for permission to pass through the Bosphorus. That was seventeen on Sunday.

That day, four ships with about 475,000 tons of crude oil passed through the route after showing the necessary insurance papers to the Turkish authorities. On Monday, five tankers would then go south through the Bosphorus.

For over a week now, tankers carrying oil from Russia and Kazakhstan through Turkish waters have been required to show additional proof for insurance against collisions and oil spills, for example. As a result, tankers also have to wait at the Dardanelles.

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