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Donald Trump Has Completely Had It With Beyoncé

Donald Trump has Completely had it with Beyoncé. President Donald Trump played hard on Thursday evening for Beyoncé and Bruce Springsteen.


The Republican taunted the stars because of their appearances during the election campaign of his opponent Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Donald Trump did not comment on the many investigations that go to him for a possible impeachment procedure,

 among other things because of a conversation with the Ukrainian president about his political rival Joe Biden.

But he did a good job at the artists who supported Clinton in the presidential race.

It was not clear why this time, Trump was precisely talking about Beyoncé and Bruce Springsteen about an event from at least three years ago.

“I didn’t need Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and certainly not Bruce Springsteen,” Trump shrank.

“Bruce did two songs and then left. And then everyone left him.

And Clinton still speaks for the same pathetic people as back then.

It is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Trump also used the song Purple Rain by Prince during the rally.

The experience of the singer reacted furiously to this.

They had previously addressed Trump about the fact that he cannot do that without their permission.

It is not apparent whether they will take action against the White House.

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