Sunday, May 26

At Least 14 Dead and Thousands of People Homeless Due to Storms in South Korea

At least fourteen people have been killed and thousands of people went homeless in floods and landslides in South Korea.


More than a thousand South Koreans are also homeless because their homes have become uninhabitable due to the severe weather.

It has been raining in South Korea for 42 consecutive days, making it the longest monsoon in seven years.

The persistent rain in South Korea is causing flooding and landslides. Since Saturday people speak of severe weather. The bad has already killed several people.

Some people drowned in their cars when they were surprised by a large amount of water on the road. At least thirteen South Koreans are also missing.

Among the dead are three people from New Zealand. The family’s holiday home was buried under the earth. It concerns a woman of 77, her daughter of 36 and grandson of 2.

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