Saturday, June 15

A 12-Years-Old Swedish Girl Shot From Car While Walking Dog

Police in Sweden is still looking for the gunman (s) who shot a 12-year-old girl from a car early yesterday morning at a gas station near Stockholm.


The victim was hit by several bullets and succumbed to her injuries in the hospital.

According to Swedish public broadcaster SVT, the girl walked the dog when she was shot from a white station wagon at about 3:30 am.

This happened near a gas station and a McDonald’s branch in Botkyrka, about 20 kilometres southwest of the Swedish capital Stockholm. At the time of the drama, there were several people in the conscious place.

Two criminals in bulletproof vests were targeted, and a stray bullet must have hit the girl. The police neither confirm nor deny the information.

“At such an early stage, we should be reluctant to disclose information because it could be detrimental to the investigation.

In general, this type of shooting incident has a link to criminal networks, but we will not go into how it is in this particular case, “Deputy Chief Palle Nilsson said in the SVT breakfast show today.

According to Nilsson, police in the Stockholm region know about 30 violent individuals who have connections to criminal networks.

“These people are behind most cases of racketeering, theft, drug sales, shootings, explosions and murders.” According to him, it happens that children are also involved in crime.

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