Sunday, May 26

World Health Organization Has Called for the Rapid Production of Dexamethasone

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for the rapid production of more dexamethasone because this anti-inflammatory can also cure seriously ill corona patients.


WHO boss Tedros called it the “next challenge” to make more of the drug and spread it quickly and “justly” around the world.

The drug should end up where it is most needed, Tedros said. He emphasized that dexamethasone should only be used in severe and critical cases and under medical supervision.

The WHO recently decided to update its guidelines for treating people with Covid-19 after hopeful results from a clinical trial of dexamethasone in Great Britain.

This inexpensive and long-available anti-inflammatory for arthritis, among others, has been found to save seriously ill corona patients.

The researchers said the drug should immediately become the standard treatment for such sick. No effect would have been identified in lighter cases.

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