Wednesday, May 29

WHO: Yemen Now Also Suffers Coronavirus As Biblical Plagues

The World Health Organization (WHO) fears that the coronavirus may spread unhindered and unnoticed throughout the poorest Arab country, with the already ramshackle medical infrastructure virtually destroyed.


Also before the virus came, the United Nations called Yemen the “greatest humanitarian catastrophe of our time.”

Officially, some twenty people have been killed by the coronavirus in Yemen in the south of the Arabian Peninsula.

The disease has been noted in 9 of the 21 provinces, both in the Shiite Houthi’s controlled north (with the capital Sanaa) and in areas controlled by other armed groups.

Neither the World Health Organization nor humanitarian organizations know exactly how much the virus has spread in the country, as there is a lack of just about everything from test materials to people who have to take tests.

In many areas, this is hardly possible because of the fighting and insecurity.

The only certainty is that the virus is there, so it can spread unnoticed and quickly and that certainly in the southern metropolis of Aden now suddenly many more people die than is normally the case.

It is very difficult to form an image from other parts of the country. In a fifth of Yemen, there are simply no doctors or hospitals.

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