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Verstappen Is In The Final Phase, Vettel Wins Grand Prix Of Great Britain

Verstappen is in the Final Phase, Vettel Wins Grand Prix of Great Britain. Max Verstappen failed early on Sunday in the Grand Prix of Great Britain. Sebastian Vettel won the exciting race at the Silverstone circuit. Lewis Hamilton came back to second place after being held backwards in the first round.


Verstappen seemed to take his fifth podium of the season for a long time, but by a spin, in the final phase, he fell back to the twelfth place and not much later he even had to put his car aside because of a difficulty with the brakes.

The Dutchman of Red Bull Racing last week in Austria convincingly won his first Grand Prix victory of the season and his fourth from his career.

Behind Vettel from Ferrari and Hamilton from Mercedes, Kimi Raikkonen from Ferrari (third) achieved the podium.

Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes (fourth) and Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull (fifth) were just outside.

Vettel also strengthened his leading position in the World Championship stands by his victory. The German leads the rankings after ten of the total 21 races with 171 points, followed by Hamilton (163), Raikkonen (116), Ricciardo (106), Bottas (104) and Verstappen (93).

The Grand Prix of Great Britain promptly started spectacularly. The pole position departed from Hamilton was passed by the much more alert Vettel and Bottas at the start and was then also tugged into turn three by Raikkonen to make matters worse.

The Brit fell back to the last place to the disappointment of the home crowd and complained about damage to the back of his car, but that did not stop him from moving up to sixth place within ten rounds and the fastest lap time several times. To put down.

Verstappen benefited optimally from the incident between Hamilton and Raikkonen, who got a ten-second penalty from the race management and advanced from fifth to third place.

However, he did not have the pace to attack Vettel or Bottas.

In the 32nd lap, the race got a whole new turn when Marcus Ericsson in turn 1 lost control of his steering wheel and hard the tires stacks, so the safety car had to come on the track and all the holes could be closed by the drivers again.

Mercedes initially benefited most from the new situation. Bottas took over the lead, and Hamilton took third place because both Vettel, Verstappen and Raikkonen went in while waving the yellow flag and Ricciardo had done just before.

In the rounds that remained, everything happened. Vettel still acquired the victory after several attempts to pass Bottas and Hamilton, and Raikkonen also moved the unfortunate Finn.

Verstappen did everything to become at least third, but he spun in the 48th round, so he even ended up out of the points, and he no longer seems to be competing for the world title.

The next Grand Prix will be on the program in two weeks, when on the circuit of Hockenheim after a year’s absence the Grand Prix of Germany will be held.

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