Sunday, May 26

Ukrainian Army Retakes Place 55 Kilometres From Kherson City

The town in the Mykolaiv region is about 55 kilometres north of the city of Kherson, where Russian soldiers are currently retreating after an occupation of more than eight months.

Images of the liberation were circulating on social media and shared on Ukrainian television. The capture of Snihoerivka is essential for controlling a road leading to the city of Kherson. On Thursday, the Ukrainian army chief said 12 places had been recaptured in a 24-hour period. It covers an area of more than 200 square kilometres.

Moscow announced on Wednesday that it would leave Kherson because it would no longer be possible to supply the city. The retreat has now begun, the Russian army said a day later.

Ukraine doubts the sincerity of Russia. However, the Ukrainian army chief could not confirm the Russian information on Thursday and said that Ukraine would continue with the counter-offensive according to plans.

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