Thursday, July 25

The Authorities in Hong Kong are Imposing New Restrictions on Residents

The authorities in Hong Kong are imposing new restrictions on residents from Wednesday to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


In public, for example, people may only meet in groups of four. Wearing face masks in public transport is also made mandatory, reports the South China Morning Post newspaper.

Some 1,500 infections have so far been detected in the metropolis, and eight patients have died. Dozens of people who have recently tested positive for the virus do not know where they got infected.

“The main problem is that many cases cannot be traced. So the chances of a major outbreak are high if we don’t tighten up the rules,” said a government adviser.

The authorities in the metropolis had already taken similar measures earlier this year, but they relaxed later because the outbreak seemed to be heading in the right direction. When the number of infections increased again last week, the government intervened.

For example, the maximum number of customers allowed to sit together at a table in a restaurant was limited to eight. That is now being further reduced to four.

Restaurants will no longer be allowed to serve customers after 6 p.m., although people may still collect food after that time. Some companies also have to close their doors. According to local media, this concerns massage parlours and karaoke shops, for example.

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