Sunday, May 26

Texas Ceases to Reopen Economy Due to Coronavirus

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has halted the phased reopening of the economy in his state because of the sharply increasing number of corona infections.


Abbott announced this in a statement on Thursday.

Companies that were already allowed to open in the state do not have to close their doors but are not allowed to expand their occupation.

Unnecessary operations in Texas’s major cities have also been suspended to free up hospital space.

“The last thing we want to do as a state is to back down and shut down companies,” Abbott said in the statement. “This temporary pause will help our state curb its spread.”

Texas is among the twelve states in the western and southern United States where record numbers of new infections have been reported in recent days.

In Texas, 6,000 new infections were first detected on Monday. Records have also been broken for the number of hospital admissions in the state for thirteen days in a row.

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