Thursday, May 23

Social Watchdog NLRB is Suing Google

The NLRB, an American social watchdog, has sued Google for firing employees who tried to start a union.


A previous protest by Google employees against dealing with sexual misconduct in California.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), a US federal agency whose task is to protect employees’ rights, among other things, has filed a complaint against Google.

It states that the company violated labour law by placing several employees under surveillance and questioning about their attempts to start a union in November, after which they were fired.

Two former employees lodged a complaint with NLRB because they said they were fired for organizing talks about such a union. Bringing workers together and starting a union is protected by law in the United States.

Google says it fired employees for violating internal rules, including sharing internal documents. “Google supports a culture of internal discussion, and we place a lot of trust in our employees.

Of course, employees have protected labour rights, but we take the security of our information very seriously.

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