Saturday, June 15

Shanghai Announces End of Lockdown: Return to Normal Life in June

Good news for the people of Shanghai and the global economy: the lockdown in China’s largest city will be lifted in June. Vice Mayor Zong Ming announced this on Monday.


While Covid-19 was less present than in the past two years, the mayor of Shanghai decided just over six weeks ago to go back into lockdown after several outbreaks. Shops were closed again, and people were only allowed to leave their homes for essential trips: they don’t make lockdowns more strict than in China.

But on Monday, there is finally good news: from June 1, the lockdown will be lifted, and normal life will be returned. Vice Mayor Zong Ming has outlined a timeline for this. It will happen in stages. “From June 1 to the end of June, as long as the risk of infection backlash remains under control, we will implement all epidemic prevention and control, normalize management of the pandemic and restore normal employment and life in the city,” he said.

The lifting of the lockdown is also a good thing for the economy in the country and in the world. The Chinese economy was hit hard, and there was great uncertainty among investors because so many factories were shut down, and international trade and supply chains came under pressure.

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