Saturday, June 15

Prosecutors Demand That Navalny Remain in Prison for 30 Days

Kremlin critic Aleksej Navalny, detained on Sunday, has been brought to trial and prosecutors are demanding that he remain in prison for 30 days.


Navalny supporters reported this from the place where it is detained, Chimki. About two hundred supporters have gathered at the police station to show their support for Navalny.

It is still unclear whether the prosecutors are referring to pre-trial detention until a new trial against Navalny can be held or whether this is a sentence.

Prosecutors allege that Navalny has violated the conditions under which he does not have to serve a prison sentence. So he would have to go back to jail. Navalny has previously been sentenced to prison for fraud in controversial criminal cases.

Since August, he had been in Germany to recover from an attempt on his life with a poison once developed as a chemical weapon in the Soviet Union.

He left the hospital in Germany in September and should have reported immediately to the Russian justice, the prosecutors said. Navalny finally returned to Russia on Sunday.

It is not known whether the judge will have a judgment on Monday.

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