Wednesday, May 29

Prince Andrew Offered to Help With Epstein Research

Prince Andrew has indeed offered to cooperate in the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein. His lawyers said in a statement to British media on Monday that allegations from the United States Department of Justice are therefore not correct.


The ministry made an official claim on Sunday evening to question the British prince about his ties to Epstein, the American sex offender who committed suicide in his cell last year.

By submitting the so-called MLA (Mutual Legal Assistance), two countries are obliged to exchange information with each other on judicial and criminal matters.

Because Andrew, according to the Americans, often did not give at home to work with, the ministry said that step was necessary.

According to the prince’s lawyers, the situation is different.

“The Department of Justice has assured us that the Duke has never been a” target “of their criminal investigations into Epstein and that they have sought his voluntary cooperation in confidence,” they said in their statement Monday.

“In the run-up to these discussions, we asked the Ministry of Justice to confirm that our cooperation and interview requests remained confidential, following the normal rules of voluntary cooperation with the Ministry of Justice.”

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