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President Vladimir Putin Has Pledged Belarus A $ 1.5 Billion Loan

President Vladimir Putin has pledged Belarus a $ 1.5 billion loan. He said Monday during talks with controversial Belarusian leader Aleksandr Lukashenko in the Russian resort of Sochi.


Putin went on to say that the Belarusian people must resolve the current crisis without foreign interference.

Putin finds a proposal by Lukashenko to implement constitutional reforms “logical and timely,” he said in comments on television. Such a reform allows for early elections.

The Belarusian leader told Putin that recent events in Belarus show that Minsk must stay close to Russia. Lukashenko thanked Putin for his help after the controversial presidential election.

Putin assured him that Russia remains the largest investor in Belarus. He urged Lukashenko to make more efforts to improve trade between the two countries.

Both leaders also agreed to continue cooperation on defence.

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