Wednesday, May 29

Police Action Under A Magnifying Glass After Storming Capitol

American politicians want an investigation into the police’s actions in the storming of the parliament building in Washington.


Parliamentarians in American media question why it was not possible to make the building more secure against the enraged Trump supporters.

Representative Karen Bass called for a “full investigation into the response of the Capitol Police.” She wondered at ABC News how “such a large number of rioters managed to enter the building from so many sides.” Politician and former police chief Val Demings told MSNBC that the police had no clear plan for such a scenario.

Deputy Maxine Waters complained on Twitter that she had a long conversation with the police chief four days earlier.

It would have assured her that “terrorists” would be kept at bay. “What would have happened if Black Lives Matter had used the kind of violence that the Proud Boys, KKK, Oath Keepers and white extremists have shown in our Capitol?”

Activists also come up with such criticism. Black Lives Matter Global Network said, according to CNN, protesters defending the rights of black Americans often come face to face with “national guard or police forces equipped with automatic rifles, shields, tear gas and combat helmets.”

The action group said it was inevitable that the police would have acted much harder if black activists had invaded the Capitol.

“Our activists are still facing extreme violence by the police,” an activist also told The Washington Post. “And now you see this complete riot, literally a coup, where people were walking around with firearms. The police knew it was going to happen. was coming and just let it happen. “

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